“There’s no greater gift you can give somebody, especially somebody that reports to you, than the gift of being heard.”

Tom “retired” in early 2008 to pursue personal interests, but was lured back to MiTek in late 2009.

"We have such an unlimited possibility in front of us for growth."

Mark was a successful executive leadership coach for over a decade.

“What a great culture we have, but also what a great high-performing company we are as well.”

Tom is heavily involved in fitness and participates in Crossfit®

"I think happy people are more productive, more collaborative, and it equates into a better bottom line."

Terry is a CPA who serves on the finance committees of his children's school and his church.

"I think our customers see a tight knit group of people working together to satisfy their needs and desires."

Dick served in the U.S. Navy as an officer and a pilot.

"I think people are looking for meaning in the work that they do."

Bonnie has 3 dogs: Isabelle Victoria, Cinderella Louise, and Beauregard Jefferson.

"Our people care more because they know they're cared about."

Chris loves playing and coaching soccer.

"Everything our developers do is directly tied to something that our customers desperately want, need or must have."

Rob is a citizen of three countries: New Zealand, Ireland and the U.S.

"It makes a difference if your customers truly like dealing with you."

Joe has run nearly 50 marathons.

“Culture is what makes the company continue to be successful and makes people want to come to work every day.”

Gene likes to quote Ferris Bueller: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

“Companies of course are only as good as their people and I’ve worked with many wonderful people at all levels and I must say that the relationships and engagement I’ve had is what I’ve cherished.”

Stephen served as an Army platoon commander for Australia during the Vietnam War.

“I think it is a competitive advantage for MiTek that we have this culture.”

Maged was born in Lebanon and enjoys spending time with his family.

"Our people strive to give the best service and support possible. One of my personal quests was and is to have the best of the best working for MiTek and to that end I think we have been very successful.”

Mike, a native of Canada, prefers to spend his winters on the east coast of Florida.

"Working for MiTek as allowed me to have the freedom to help people to develop to their potential with honesty and integrity. This has given us the opportunity to harness the power of a team working environment across many cultural divides. The results are incredible for the business and the teams that make up the business."

Sydney's personal credo is "to serve others as I would wish to be served."

"Building relationships are a core value and at the heart of everything we do. We employ and work with the best people. It is this expertise, talent and engineering capability that has been key to our growth."

David enjoys wildlife photography.

"It's easier for me to do my job because of our culture."

Amit is on the board of The International Institute of St. Louis, which helps immigrant families and champions ethnic diversity.

"Our people and culture drive innovation throughout the MiTek family of companies."

Michael loves water activities, including scuba diving, rafting and canoeing.

"There is significant depth to “MiTek”…I love that. I am excited that MiTek is a global company, a leader in its industry and a part of Berkshire Hathaway. MiTek’s continuous growth provides endless learning experiences and enriching opportunities."

Julie spent a semester working as an Au Pair in Switzerland during her senior year in college.

  • Tom Manenti


  • Mark Thom

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Tom Valvo

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Terry McGrath

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Dick Marriot

    President, MiTek Industries

  • Bonnie Daniels

    SVP, Culture and People Services

  • Chris Hollander

    SVP, Corporate Growth

  • Rob Hooker

    SVP, Enterprise Software Solutions

  • Joe Carr

    SVP, Legal and General Counsel

  • Gene Toombs IV

    Group President

  • Stephen Fray

    Group President, International

  • Maged Diab

    President, MiTek USA

  • Mike Sandbrook

    President, MiTek Canada

  • Syd Griffiths

    Group Managing Director, Europe

  • David John Longney

    Managing Director, TBS Engineering

  • Amit Shah

    VP and Deputy General Counsel

  • Michael Paul

    VP, Corporate Information Technology

  • Julie Ring

    Director, Admin. & Facilities Mgmt.



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