USP Structural Connectors
Working Hard For You

In today’s business climate inventory management is essential.  USP Structural Connectors, MiTek’s partner in structural hardware is working up and down the supply chain to minimize the number of SKU’s required to build safe strong structures.


The program starts at the builder level.  USP engineers and Technical Sales Representatives work with the builder, their framer, their engineer of record and other appropriate parties to Value Engineer the various models a builder might offer in specific markets. This process saves time and money by introducing more cost effective construction practices.  It also reduces labor costs and mis-installations by streamlining the number of hangers utilized in building a home.


USP has also developed a tool called Quick Connect that provides engineers and other design professionals with cost effective common structural connector solutions.  These solutions identify products which are commonly used, readily available and offered at the most competitive price point.  Quick Connect comes with a CD that includes project CAD details and design loads that can easily be downloaded for inclusion on design plans. Once again this enables more effective inventory management throughout the entire supply chain by limiting the number of products used in the design process.


As many of you know, MiTek’s complete suite of software allows you to control the crucial parts of the business and consistently improve performance throughout your business.  This also applies to the hangers you call out on your design plans. Your USP and MiTek Sales Representative will work with you and your staff to analyze and streamline your hanger inventory requirements.  The objective is to save you money by increasing your inventory turns and eliminating slow moving product.    


Please let us know if you are interested in learning more about any of these programs.   

 This page last modified on 3/30/2009