Single Blade, Linear-Feed System Cuts & Marks Roof Truss & Wall Frame Components from 3″ to 16′ Long (standard)
  • One operator can produce 350 to 450 parts per hour

  • The maximum in-feed rate is one hundred inches a second

  • System determines production rate, not operator

  • Other automated linear-feed saws require 2 or more operators

  • Compatible with all truss design software

  • Saw stroke speed now nearly double, compared to previous Miser

  • Can cut multiple angles on both ends of components, -4° to +4°

  • Capable of exiting parts as small as 3 inches (doesn′t drop in trash pan)

  • Material sizes: 2" x 3" Through 2" x 12" and optionally up to 20 feet

  • Lumber moved & measured by a pushing gripper instead of a pinch roller for consistently accurate components

  • High speed communications bus

  • The most sophisticated production reporting to management in the industry

  • Optimizing program BoardStretcher is the most advanced lumber optimizing program in the industry. Maximizes efficiency and minimizes waste

  • Windows XP Professional® Operating Software

  • Optional ink-jet system – marks on up to 3-sides "on the fly" for P/N, job #, stud locations, and more. (patented)

  • Optional automated material picking and feeding system – 24 boards per magazine, full-bunk-capacity Bulk Feeder

  • Optional Auto Deck for manual feeding

  • Optional compound-cutting head – cuts compound angles on components and bevels along their length

  • Optional Crooked Lumber Sensor (CLS) automatically detects crooked lumber and adjusts cutting head to compensate

  • Optional extended saw frame for longer than 16′ lumber

Upgradeable:  New Miser is designed such that all options described can be field installed and, also, with the intent that all future enhancements can be field installed.
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