The Tee-Lok Layout One system is designed around the most advanced graphics engine available. The graphics quality is the equal to high performance CAD programs and video games.
This “virtual reality” makes it easy to create buildings while working in a true three-dimensional environment. A command structure similar to CAD programs gives a familiar look and feel to the system, making use and learning easier. “Smart Screen” technology speeds input. The screen is position sensitive, so simply placing the mouse arrow near what you want to do and hitting the right mouse button brings up the appropriate menu of commands. No more time consuming hunt for icons. A number of “Smart” keyboard commands are built into the system. These key commands give fast access to often-used functions such as zoom and rotate.
The exclusive Layout One Hipstyler technology allows you to create and save hip ends exactly the way you build them. Place your custom hips with the click of a button. Create Layout in 3-D - create walls, cut planes, create a range of trusses. Hit F1 for on-screen help, anytime, anywhere. The Information you need is always at your finger tips.  Truss profiles can be exported to MiTek 20/20 and Tee-Lok Engine One. Built for efficiency and power, the Tee-Lok Layout One system will simplify the complex and speed your design work.

 This page last modified on 7/13/2009