Imagine the time savings as the best build location for an entire set of trusses is found automatically. Common, stub, scissor, cathedral, or vault - all can be built in the same jig with a minimum of changeover.
The clear graphics in this patented Windows®-based program make it easy to use and understand. Tee-Solve is a stand-alone program that can be used on the production floor to find the best building location for each truss. Trusses are automatically positioned for the best build location on the patented STTsteel top tables, and will fully utilize the walk-through aisles. Joints falling in the aisle spaces and over the liftout openings should be minimized.

Setting up multiple work stations is easy, and a touch of the button flips or inverts the truss. Using the mouse, users can rotate overheight trusses into building position.
Other trusses in the production run should be taken into consideration to minimize movement of jigging from truss to truss. Tee-Solve set-up software allows trusses in a production run  to be layered on top of each other to find the most efficient jig location for all designs in the production run.
Patent Number 5,873,567

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