The eFrame Layout program marks the beginning of a new era in component design layout software.
Our unwavering single vision is to provide our customers with the industry's clear solution to whole house software and eFrame Layout is the first step. The eFrame Desktop is available in three flavors: truss-only mode, panel-only mode, or full mode. While it may be perceived that eFrame is simply the MiTek layout program with wall panel design capabilities added, nothing could be further from the truth.
For the truss-only user, eFrame Layout is a significant upgrade from the MiTek 4.2 Layout Program, containing many new features. For true eFramers, check out eFrame PowerTools.
eFrame offers software for floor/wall/roof layout in one application. It was developed by OptiFrame LLC with the “whole house” engineering vision to follow. The software has on-demand integration with MiTek Engineering and adopts proven technology from MiTek Layout and wall panel programs. eFrame also has flexible user interface, copy and paste, undo, and AutoSolve which cuts planes with ease. The QuickTray feature allows for simple additions of coffered or tray ceilings. If you want to inpust trusses quickly, then eFrame's AutoFrame is a perfect feature. The reporting engine uses OptiCAD. When creating wall frames, you have a wide array of options. The software is integrated with TJ-Xpert® via .BDX and has flexible .DXF import capabilities.

 This page last modified on 7/9/2009