See how easy it is to use MVP with this step-by-step walkthrough!
Step One:
MiTek TrussFramer or MiTek eFrame Layout (Not mandatory for M.V.P.)
Typically the first step is to create a truss layout using the state-of-the art MiTek TrussFramer or MiTek eFrame layout software.


Step Two: 
Design trusses using MiTek 20/20 "Perfect Vision"
Once the design process is complete and checked, the trusses are ready to be grouped into production batches.
Step Three: 
Create Production Batches
Using the MiTek graphical "Build-a-Batch" program to create production batches is fast and easy! 
Production batches are groups of trusses which are sorted in a logical order for optimum production efficiency. 
Step Four:
Start the Plant
Each day the crew leader "Starts" their crew whereby MVP immediately begins keeping track of everything that the crew produces until the crew leader "Stops" their crew for breaks, lunch or the end of the shift.
Individuals can quickly and easily be moved around from one workcenter to another.
On the full screen image you will notice a Start1 and a Start2 button. These buttons represent the 1st shift and the 2nd shift. Once the foreman presses one of the buttons, the plant is officially open for business!

 This page last modified on 7/10/2009