Online Plus Version 25 includes a new Autoframe tool that significantly reduces the amount of clicks (and thereby time) it takes to enter a floor system. For instance, inputting all the trusses on spacing in a container from example "a" (below) only took ten clicks in Version 23. Adding the trusses over the walls in examples b, c, or d would take an additional twenty clicks for a total of thirty clicks. The new AutoFraming feature in Version 25 needs only seven clicks to complete any of these examples.

Our new Autoframe feature gives users options on how the program should handle wall jogs that fall off spacing (such as those noted below).  The options for this setting are:  a) None, b) Wall Length, c) Span Container, and d) Span Container and Restart Spacing.  Additionally, Autoframe is also available for I-Joists/solid sawn floors and automatically adds rim material as well. Please note that for b, c, and d options at least 20 clicks are saved just for these simple examples.

a)      None:  Ignore the container jogs and input the trusses as it does currently. 



b)      Wall Length: Add the trusses as it does now and then go back to container jogs that are not covered by trusses and add trusses that cover the jog. 

c)      Span Container:  This option is similar to b with the exception that rather than adding the truss only for the length of the container jog, it spans across the entire container.

d)     Span Container and Restart Spacing:  This option adds trusses up to the first container jog, adds a truss on the container jog that spans the container and then restarts the truss spacing from that truss. (See below)



See “Help – Version Features Demo” in  Job Manager Version 25 for the complete demo of this feature.

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