Automate Your Tables With a Retrofit
What is MatchPoint and Why Do I Need It?

MatchPoint PLANXis a precision automated jigging system that enables truss plants to dramatically increase production while simultaneously cutting cost. If you’re unfamiliar with the MatchPoint PLANX, you can learn more about it by clicking hereThe important things are, how much money will it save you and can you afford it?


MiTek and Koskovich have conducted studies showing the labor cost savings per truss that are possible with a MatchPoint system. If you build a 35-truss job with an average of 3 trusses built per setup, and your current average setup time is 20 minutes, MatchPoint would save you over $252 in labor costs alone for those 35 trusses. If you bought 20 PLANX, at that rate of labor savings, they would pay for themselves in about a year. To calculate the savings for YOUR plant, use this worksheet.

How Do I Get It…Fast and Cheap?

Fast and cheap...wouldn’t it be nice if everything fit that description?  If “fast” means twice the speed you’re used to and “cheap” means less than a one-year ROI, then we can help!


First, though, let’s remember the old adage, “You get what you pay for.” MatchPoint uses robust material and sophisticated technology to ensure accurate trusses and ease of operation. BUT…you do have some options aside from buying a completely new table system. MiTek can retrofit almost any existing table system to include MatchPoint PLANX. There are two ways to do this, and you get to choose which way works best for you.
  1. Perform the retrofit at MiTek’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility
  2. Perform the retrofit in your plant

Discover what you can expect during a retrofit by clicking here, but our Sales Representatives can explain the pros and cons in more detail to help you choose the scenario that’s right for you.


What Other Choices Do I Have to Gain Even More Productivity?

You can add even more efficiency to your MatchPoint system by adding a Virtek® TrussLine® laser imaging system. Click here to learn more.


Whether you just want to learn more about the MatchPoint PLANX system or are seriously considering a retrofit, contact your MiTek Sales Representative or call 800-523-3380 and speak to our Machinery Division Sales Department.


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