Being or becoming more environmentally friendly is more than a good idea.  It is a practical and powerful way to help create a more environmentally sustainable economy. Green businesses operate in ways that solve rather than cause environmental problems.


MiTek strives to adopt green business principles, policies and practices that reduce resource usage and  improve the quality of life for our customers, employees, communities and the environment.  Below are a few ways MiTek is practicing these green principles.

   Conserving Resources

·         A high recycled steel content in connector plates

·        Using both sides of paper to reduce paper usage in our engineering and drafting departments

·         Paperless payroll ---everyone receives their check online

·         All Associate employment transactions are conducted electronically

·         Encrypted electronic enrollment files to all of our benefit vendors so that there are no paper transactions

·         Soy based inks are used in printing

·         100% recycled paper is used for printing 

Reducing Usage
·         Each MII Associate is asked to bring in a coffee cup to cut down on styrofoam cups usage

·         Each MII Associate is provided with a plastic MII Cup to be used for water or other cold drinks

·         Network kiosks have been made available in most of our Plants so that Associates have access to all of their benefit, payroll and Summary Plan Descriptions on-line thus avoiding paper usage to print the information


·         Recycling paper & printer cartridges

·         Creating note pads from recovered paper

·         Recycle aluminum, newsprint and plastic wherever & whenever possible
Green Building for Component Manufacturers

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 This page last modified on 9/24/2009