One of the keys to improving efficiency and thus productivity is to make the information the assembly crews need readily available.  Virtek’s new TrussView product does just that.


By projecting a computer generated image, using a data projector, on a 10x7.5 ft screen at each jig station, workers can see the layout of the truss exactly as the laser system is projecting it on the table.  There is no need for workers to refer to the shop drawing for information.  Not only that, they can easily see the plate locations, size and gauge.  A remote control allows them to go to the next truss in the stack as well as to zoom in to see details.


Plant Managers can also call up the jig station displays from the office and see production numbers and progress through the stack in real time.


Scott Sellars at Pacific Truss in Cobble Hill, BC has been running TrussView on four jigs for several months.  “The Staff and Mangers all agree that we have increased productivity but we have found the quality to have improved by an even greater percentage.


Thanks to the seamless integration into our truss production system, TrussView has greatly improved the knowledge that production workers have at a glance. With very little effort the worker can quickly view the appropriate size plates required for orientation, point loads, location of the wood, as well as the ejectors on the tables.  This system works efficiently with our Matchpoint Planx system and has significantly decreased our set up time, thus saving time and money.”


Stacey Hucks, of Universal Forest Products in Conway, S.C., says TrussView has a number of benefits: it helps to reduce setup times and is relatively easy to use and train on, allowing employees to focus on other critical production issues.


Setups are faster and training is easier in large part because assemblers can “see” the truss and all assembly information on the big screen, rather than rely on something printed on a small piece of paper. This further enhances efficiency because assemblers can focus on quality and safety, rather than try to see and remember what was on the paperwork.


“We normally have runs with a lot of setups and few trusses per setup, and this is where TrussView is most beneficial,” Stacey said. “The productivity improvement we’ve experienced with TrussView is significant and has enhanced our ability to meet our customers’ needs for quick turnaround.”



The TrussView system is available for use with Virtek TrussLine laser projection systems as well as Matchpoint Planx.  Contact MiTek for further information.

 This page last modified on 7/28/2009