MiTek 20/20 Engineering Level One
This two-day course is designed for beginners in the truss industry, on entering trusses into the MiTek 20/20 suite of programs.  It is designed for those who may have little or no experience in running whole or part of the system.  The course takes the user through the "basics" of the MBA and Engineering programs.  It is instructed at a pace where no student is left behind, therefore, intermediate to advanced users should not attend.
Course Agenda
  • Introduction and objectives
  • Configuration Editor
  • MiTek Business Application
    • Basic Functions
    • Job Entry
    • Edit functions
    • Output
    • Search Facilities
  • Engineering
    • Quick History
    • Engineering Overview (hands on)
    • Setting up engineering
    • Inputting and editing trusses
    • Analysing trusses and results window
    • Overview of display and design tools
    • Special truss editing features explained
    • Adding text, Dimensions & Annotations
    • Importing trusses from Layout
    • Special loading features explained
    • Printing Output
    • Versatruss Usage
    • Profile Building
    • Course Summary