MiTek 20/20 Layout Level One
This is a one-day course for truss designers who may or may have little or no experience in running the layout program.  The course will keep pace with a specific agenda to enable students to gain a broad overview.
Course Agenda
  • Basic tour
  • Overview of defaults
  • Using preset roof shapes
  • Wall input techniques– Box, sketch and UDLR, and angled walls
  • Wall editing
  • 3D roof model explained
  • Using Roof, ceiling and work planes
  • Automatic and manual plane solving
  • Adding trusses – via framing files and manual input
  • Attic framing and associated features
  • Editing Trusses and tagging
  • Trusses labelling
  • Link to engineering
  • Whole roof takeoff
  • Bracing – Editing and Adding
  • Adding  dimensions and notes
  • Link to PrimeCad
  • Course summary