I heard about the Stabilizer from our MiTek salesman and I was also somewhat familiar with the product from my previous job. 

We looked at the Simpson lateral brace but we preferred the Stabilizer because of it performance ratings.  The Stabilizer was also easier to install and performed better than the Simpson product. We use the counter top display to promote the product to our customers.  We also have some samples that we are able to hand them.  Our crane drivers carry the Stabilizer with them and they promote them at each and every job.  We also have our summer trade show where we invite our customers and vendors to get together and review product offerings. 

Our customers see using the Stabilizer as a safety issue.  It helps satisfy the requirements of the local building codes and it also provides a peace of mind thing for our customers’ final customer.  It helps to assure that the bracing issues of the roof system are met.  The Stabilizer helps us address the needs of our customers in the area of bracing.  It is part of our complete building package that addresses the bracing solution. 

The Stabilizer is taking off in our market as the framers discover what it can do for them.  They are primarily small crews and the Stabilizer helps them save time and time is money.  The Stabilizer helps us build relationships with our customers and helps us bring them back over and over again.
Aaron Hurd – Design Manager
Dunkirk Supply, Inc.
Owings, MD  20736

 This page last modified on 8/26/2009