Overcoming the resistance to adopt new changes and processes is often the greatest challenge with an experienced design staff.  The benefits of product diversification are not immediately apparent when you're busy selling trusses.  As most of our designers have been through an economic cycle, it was apparent to them that we needed to diversify our product line and maximize our sales per opportunity. Toward this end, your class sessions were very helpful.  The information on panel design was presented professionally and logically.  You handled our questions in a manner that demonstrated your depth of understanding of the program.  Knowing they were in the hands of a professional added to their comfort level.


As testament to the efficacy of your classes, all three of those students have gone on to design wall panel projects.  One has designed, built and successfully delivered a panel project.  One is in the final client review stage of a sizeable panel project, and the other is finishing up a panel design for a client who understands the benefits of using panels.

We could not have made a better investment toward the economic health of our company.  Your classes were instrumental in getting us up and running in a short amount of time.  We have reason to be optimistic about the economic future.



Russell Kohashi

Truss Design Manager
HPM Building Materials
Hilo, Hawaii

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