We have been using MiTek 20/20 for about 8 months.  We began the conversion process in early October of 2008 and on November 1st we were up and running with the MiTek program. I am trained in CAD software and I love the MiTek program.  We made the move to MiTek because of customer service issues. Customer service turnaround times were much faster.  The technical support people at MiTek were so much more knowledgeable. 

The conversion went very smoothly.  We were concerned about the files being transferred to our TCT saw but everything went smoothly. 

The software has improved our accuracy and has decreased the amount of bracing that we use in each house.  The hardware details are also in each layout.  This makes working with building officials easier. We do a very custom truss design and it is much easier to apply point loads with the MiTek software than it was with our old software.  We utilize the CyberSort program and it sends actual quantities to our shop floor.  This has helped us become more efficient with our lumber and has helped us save money.  With the MiTek software we are able to use smaller plates which also translate into money savings.  The feature that I truly like is the editing of special loads.  It is very easy to use and understand where in my old software this feature was very difficult to use and understand.  Another feature I like is the “Truss Basic”.  I like it because you have access to all of the truss information in one dialogue box.  It is all right there so if you need to change something you do not have to search through several dialogue boxes. 

I would absolutely recommend the MiTek software to any truss plant.
Deltec Homes
Karen Rankin – Truss Designer
Ashville, NC 28806

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