We made the move to MiTek software in December of 2007.  We made the move because of customer service issues with our previous software provider.  The conversion went great.  It went fine.  Learning the engineering program was the biggest challenge.  The technical support guys were great and they made switching to and learning the program real easy. 

The layout program is three times the program we were using previously.  In the old program going from layout to engineering was tough. With the MiTek program going from layout to engineering is great. We were also amazed at how easy the software tied into the Virtek laser projection system.  The lasers along with the MiTek software helped improve the productivity on our shop floor. 

We had used our old software program for over 15 years.  The MiTek program just works and it is easy to use.  eframe is so much more that what we were using.  In the MiTek program everything is just there for us and it is easy to get around in and Truss Profiles are great. 

If we have a problem we call up MiTek and it is taken care of.  We let them know what we need in future versions of the software and it shows up.  We lived without this for so long.  I love your guys in customer service.  Your customer service is really great! 

I sure would recommend MiTek software to anyone.
Truss Systems
Mike Kaufman - Manager
Sunnyside, Washington

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