Virtek®  TrussView®   Specifications
Here are some of the basic features:
  • Data projection of truss that is being built on the table, Work Order, Truss, Name, Quantity, Span, Height, etc. 
  • Highlights with color any plates that are not 20-gauge
  • Shows plate sizes and member IDs for chords and webs
  • Remote control to zoom to portions of the truss and to filter out most common plate sizes, and hide plate info
  • Remote control or icons to change to the next truss, move truss, set pucks
  • Remote control or icon menu to change laser projection mode (jigging, boards up, plates, etc.)
  • Display of next truss or stack of remaining trusses
  • Dimensions for heel height and overhang
  • Works with/without lasers
  • Can be installed in one weekend
  • Workers can be proficient in a few hours
Here are some of the exclusive Virtek features:
  • Real-time display of production rate (board-foot produced vs. target)
  • Remote login to see same view as being displayed
  • Display of actual tables with pop-ups/aisles in background
  • Display of multiple trusses if more than one in the jig
  • Display of truss in same orientation as the jig if mirrored or rotated
  • Display of appropriate portion of each truss when trusses span multiple jig stations
Machine specifications subject to change without notice


 This page last modified on 9/9/2009