What Can MiTek Engineering Do for You

Here at MiTek we are passionate about delivering engineering services that exceed your expectations however we can.  We strive to deliver personal service by assigning a specific engineer to each and every MiTek customer to be accountable for your satisfaction.  Please call your engineering office and ask to speak to them, get to know them and you can be sure they are there to help you. 

Some of the things we can do to help beyond sealing truss designs and determining repairs are:

-We are happy to answer questions about the building codes and loading.  The IBC was supposed to make everybody’s life easier in this regard but in fact the codes just seem to keep getting more confusing and complicated.  MiTek engineers work to stay abreast of these issues to help you understand them and know how to work with them in the MiTek 20/20 software.

-With today’s ultrafast lead times for production, you may be sending trusses to the shop at the same time that you are asking MiTek for a sealed truss design.  If you have a truss design that you think is a little outside of the norm and you want confirmation that it is a good design, just send it down to us with MiTek Link or email it to your MiTek engineer and then call them to discuss it.  We will drop whatever we are doing and look at your truss design with you to make sure there is no problem with it, and the best part is that we do this at no cost to you.

-We can also help you maintain a competitive edge by going over any or all of your loading or plating defaults to help you make sure you are only as conservative as you want to be and not more.

- If you are reluctant to take on a project, because its scope and requirements are beyond your abilities and requires engineering beyond just the individual truss component designs, our Fee Based Professional Engineering Services can provide you with such engineered services, hence allowing you access to projects that otherwise would have been avoided.  For more information about this service, call Gaby Redwanly at 800-325-2556.

-We can use WebEx to demonstrate different features of the software and you can even give us temporary control over your computer so you can watch us set up your defaults and not have to remember to go back and do it yourself on your computer.

Again, we are here for YOU, please contact us and allow us to help you in your business.  If you are unsure of the right people to call, call us and we can help you make that determination.  Be encouraged to error on the side of calling MiTek when in doubt. 
You can reach us online at www.mii.com or at 1-800-325-8075

 This page last modified on 10/6/2009