Tips from Tech Support
Using the Lumber Table to Automatically Fill in the Quote Mask "Reference File Used" Field
- By Sean Boyer -

Customers who print quotes from Job Manager using the “Quote” option with a quote mask, may now have the “RFU” (Reference File Used) pulled from the user Lumber Table. This eliminates the need to edit the Quote Reference File line 50.


Step 1: In Job Manager, open your Lumber Table (Tools / Lumber Table Editor) and highlight a cost column by left clicking above the desired cost column. From the edit menu, select “Modify Label of Selected Cost Column”. Modify the cost column name by inserting 4 asterisks (****) at the beginning of the name. This will cause the “RFU” to be used from the cost column selected for the job.  Repeat for each of your cost columns.   



Step 2: Now that the cost column(s) has (have) been renamed, you will need to edit your Master Settings file. In the “Reference Files” tab use the pull down menu for “Unified Lumber Cost Column” to select the new name. Note: If you have multiple cost columns and have renamed them, all jobs where the cost column were changed at the job level will need to be updated to select the new cost column name.


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