Version 26 Introduces "Smart End Conditions"
- by Jeff Emmett -
Floor Truss end conditions have been a key feature of the Online Plus layout program for many years.  Users may attach them to walls, reference lines and even individual trusses.  Assigning end conditions in layout allows users to do the step once for many trusses, rather than many times if they waited until the trusses are sent to engineering.  With Version 26, end conditions, or rather layout’s application of end conditions, has gotten smarter.  Layout now allows users to define default end conditions for the six most common end profile situations on floor trusses.  As trusses are input, these end conditions are automatically applied based on the profile of the truss.  Cantilevered trusses automatically get a cantilevered end condition.  When the bearing is raised above the bottom chord, a top chord bearing end condition is automatically assigned. 

Additionally, many end conditions require variables to be calculated based on the situation, such as distance from top of bearing to top of top chord or wall width plus a gap dimension.  Smart End Conditions allows users to put standard variables in the value field that will calculate these key dimensions automatically.
Users may still override the standard end conditions by applying specific conditions to walls, reference lines, or trusses.  However, now users input the basic end conditions once and use them on a whole host of trusses rather than inputting them for every layout, and adjusting them for every situation. This saves the user time and energy for more important things-working smarter, not harder.




- Employee Spotlight - Gary Cox

Since 2001, Gary Cox has been a key part of the Robbins Technical Support Department.  As the head of our Tampa call center, Gary assists customers with questions or issues they encounter with Online Plus software and provides them with training opportunities. Gary grew up in Michigan and has been working in the truss industry for 16 years, previously as a Production Manager and Truss Designer for Wolverine Roof Truss in Milan, Michigan. He currently resides in Valrico, FL, however his years in Florida has not dimmed his love for the Minnesota Vikings!

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