Historically, the typical draftsperson has had a need to group individual items together to represent a symbol or title block or other drawing item in printed output.  These symbols could represent a toilet, a detail callout, a particular hanger, etc.  Additionally, these items could contain text that either referenced information about the job or represented static text such as a revision note number or company name.  Today, you can create these types of objects as a collection in TrussFramer® and store these collections on disk to be referenced again and again in multiple TrussFramer files.

            Creating a Collection

Within TrussFramer, simply lay out any CAD object (such as a line or rectangle or circle), any image and any text.  Once your layout is complete, click the ‘Create Collection’ button on the Text & Annotation toolbar.  Select the objects you wish to save as a collection, choose an insertion point and the file name.  This collection will then be saved on disk and available to anyone who needs it.

The collection above has a picture, text, and two CAD objects.

            Inserting the Collection

Select the Insert button on the Text & Annotation toolbar and choose the file that you would like to insert.

As these files are stored on disk, the folder structure can be user defined!

            Exploding and Refreshing Collections

Often,  the objects within a collection may need to be edited seperately.  There are two ways to do this. 

Method A: The user can ‘Alt’ select an individual item in a collection and edit it.  This method keeps the knowledge of what items are in the collection and does not break each item out seperately.  This method gives the user the ability to ‘Refresh’ the collection by selecting the ‘Refresh’ collection command on the toolbar.
The program will then update all collections in the job that are exactly the same file as the one selected by the user.
Method B: The user can select the collection and ‘Explode’ it thereby making all the objects in the collection individual items with no knowledge of one another.


Collections give the draftsperson the ability to create details/symbols/title blocks on the fly and store them for use in their current working drawing or for future user.  As these collections are actual TrussFramer files, the user can bring up and edit any of these collection files in TrussFramer as an individual drawing giving the user the ultimate in flexibility and control for finishing drawings in TrussFramer.

 This page last modified on 11/30/2009