Internet Based Training (IBT) Has a New Look


Change is inevitable and change has come to the Internet Based Training (IBT) pages on the MiTek website. When you visit the IBT page you will notice the training page and the IBT page are now one with all IBT links listed down the right side of the page for easy navigation. If you are looking for manuals or posters they are all there and can be downloaded from the Documentation drop down menu. 


An Administrative section has been added to the Training page. The Admin section contains information on SQL, 2020 software installations, Setup/Manufacturer defaults for Engineering Software, Basic defaults and basic labeling for TrussFramer and much more.


Another area of interest on the new look IBT page is the TTT Level 1 Online Training. MiTek and WTCA have worked together to create a 10 hour course which is ideal for Truss Technicians new to the industry. This course contains a customized version of the WTCA TTT Level 1 training course and is offered at the reduced price of $100.00. To register for this class, contact Melody Ashby at


In addition to the new items on the IBT page some standard areas have been updates.

The TrussFramer® was updated on October 10, 2009 and is available on the Training page. TrussFramee Panel was also updated on November 13th and is now in review. TrussFramer Panel will be available around the middle of January.  By the end of December, Engineering software documentation will be upgraded to version 7.2.


Beginning January 2010, all graphics in all documentation will be upgraded for improved viewing.


All of these new additions and changes are designed to make your learning experience on the MiTek IBT site easier and more enjoyable.  We would love to hear what you think of the changes to the IBT site and your overall impression of the program.  You can contact us at

 This page last modified on 11/30/2009