Our 2010 series of Customer Conferences beginning in January will allow you to gain a first-hand look at MiTek's software vision, current suite capabilities, and the key events for software development and commercialization in 2010 and beyond.  
These sessions are designed specifically for MiTek customers - to give you insight into our strategy, the detailed software benefits available to your business today, and the groundbreaking software commercialization deliverables you can expect to take place during the next 18 months.   

These sessions will minimize your time away from your business. They will be held in 28 cities throughout Canada and the US, beginning mid-morning and ending mid-afternoon, allowing most customers to arrive and leave on the same day. 
At these sessions you will have the chance to hear our strategy, interact with our team, view in-depth software functionality, and assess the true value that our total software offering can bring to your business performance.
We are genuinely pleased to bring you this valuable series of conferences, and look forward to seeing you there.
Register today for the session that fits your location and schedule by completing the sign-up information. Lunch will be provided.

If you have questions, please contact Brenda Brazzell at 1-800-325-2556 or at Bbrazzell@mii.com 

 This page last modified on 1/18/2010