New Link Feature
Multiple Email Addresses
Once again, valuable customer input has helped MiTek improve our processes. Based upon customer suggestions we have added a new feature to the Link system.  You can now add multiple email addresses to your Link User Account.  This will allow you to receive PDF Notifications Emails of your pending engineering projects (seals & repairs) at multiple email accounts. 
To begin utilizing this new feature in Link you just need to add the email addresses of your staff you want to begin receiving the additional notifications.  When adding the emails they should be separated in one of two ways.
  • Comma
  • Semicolon 
This new feature will be especially helpful when one of your designers is going to be away from the office and another designer is filling in. You will no longer need to forward the seals and repairs to your sales department.  They can now receive them at the same time in their email account.  This is just another way to improve the turnaround time on your engineering seals and repairs.  Because now more than ever your success is our success.

 This page last modified on 1/26/2010