Ortho Snapping
The Ortho snap gives the TrussFramer user the ability to restrict object input and movement to 90 or 45 degree orthogonal setting. Using Ortho snapping allows the user the ability to quickly input linear objects based on a fixed coordinate system. This process of input can be used to sketch out a model over a plan image, allowing the sketch to be kept orthogonal but not forced to estimate lengths.
The Ortho Snap tool is located on the Snapping and Selection tool bar.

Ortho mode is turned on/off when the Ortho icon is selected. The Ortho icon highlights similar to snap points when the Ortho mode is active. While in Ortho mode, TrussFramer will only use the non-constrained coordinate of the snap point when the user selects the snap point to end an input segment.

TrussFramer considers Ortho mode for any input involving two or more point type input:

  • Wall input
  • Workline input
  • Beam input
  • Ledger input
  • Replacement decking input
  • Floor container point input
  • Floor container opening input
  • Line load input
  • Area load input
  • Horizontal obstructions
  • Line and Polyline CAD tools  
Ortho Mode exists as a setting in View & Selection in the Program Settings.  Selecting Yes will lock input based on Cartesian coordinate system.  When Yes is selected, TrussFramer allows the user to indicate if the Ortho angle should be 45 or 90 degrees.
TrussFramer also provides an Ortho tool short-cut command under the Common Commands category, which  under Keyboard Shortcuts Settings in Program Settings.

 This page last modified on 1/20/2010