Current Version - 1.14.0182


OmniMiser Model RTWF update to current version from version 1.14.0041 and higher

OmniMiser Model RT update to current version from version 1.14.0041 and higher

OmniMiser Model WFA update to current version from version 1.14.0041 and higher

Version History

  • Fixed defect - if a crooked lumber sensor is installed, fixed minor problem in positioning the gripper/elevation for 2 angle leading edge cuts.
  • Fixed defect - If an AutoDeck is installed, fixed a problem where the deck wasn�t being initialized after a job start.
  • Improvement - updated microcode provides better accuracy when homing.
  • Improvement - comm log is now 3 times the previous size to capture more information.


  • Fixed defect - cut sequence occured where the LASM could be cut.
  • Fixed defect - a part with two trailing angles that had a double plunge would not cut correctly.
  • Fixed defect - a Re-Do Board operation while cutting a board would cause a program halt.


  • Added feature - Under Diagnostics there is a new option for you to save/restore constants.
  • Improvement - updated microcode, better accuracy in gripper and lasm.
  • Fixed defect - problem existed with the outfeed rollers.
  • Fixed defect - Key-In-Parts displayed angles incorrectly.
  • Fixed defect - waste wasn�t properly ejected.
  • Fixed defect - certain parts were not cut properly


  • Improvement - Less outfeed roller problems will now stop cutting.


  • Fixed defect - elevation jams were getting reported incorrectly.
  • Improvement - added logic to test if the angle servo is at it�s minimum or maximum position (possibly avoiding cutting off the LASM).
  • Added feature - new option to backup/restore for system constants to a folder on another system..


  • Added feature - Auto calibrate option that has a step by step process which makes calibration easier.
  • Added feature- Small print characters on remainders and useables (existing remainders will need to be reentered to get the small print).


  • Added feature - Added logic for customers who will get the very latest magazine/bunk PLC code.
  • Fixed defect - older magazine/bunk PLC code caused program to terminate.
  • Fixed defect - Key In Parts had problems with various part types.
  • Added feature - allow boards lengths up to the max gripper position.
  • Fixed defect - remove communications noise data from servo replies.


  • Fixed defect - long scarfs were not being cut through properly.
  • Fixed defect - better control of Crooked Lumber Sensor.
  • Fixed defect - in some case the next part was getting cut by cuts on the previous part.
  • Added feature - remainder parts can now be any part type, and are prioritized.
  • Added feature - the download of new firmware is automated.
  • Added feature - z-pulse diagnostics screen show the current status of the z-pulse adjustment.
  • Added feature - additional encoder diagnostics for diagnosing problems such as missed counts.
  • Added feature - M3SC servo cards can now be swapped to aid in troubleshooting.
  • Added feature - the report log can be turned off if desired.
  • Enhancement - Main screen is painted much faster
  • Added feature - there is an option to have a square cut between parts on Key In Parts which will reduce waste