MatchPoint PLANX®

Current Version - MatchPoint   

Note - If Virtek Trussline version 5.0 software is being used, it must be updated to version 5.0.49 prior to updating the MatchPoint software.


JetSet/MatchPoint Stacker v1.2.0.13 - installer
JetSet/MatchPoint Reports v1.2.0.1 - installer


Version History
  • Enhancement - Added international warning symbols for any actions that would cause the pucks to move!
  • Fixed defect - If camber is included in the .tps or .xml files board points, in some cases the truss top chord or bottom chord would not target correctly.
  • Enhancement - Added Default first Rail and last rail for calibration dialog.
  • Enhancement - Added version to Title bar.
  • Enhancement - Added the ability to not warn user when their is truss overlap and to not set the pucks.
  • Fixed defects - In certain cases tps files would not load
  • Fixed defects - Fixed baseline jigging
  • Fixed defect - Added error message if Activates Rail is selected and ActivatedRail, FirstRail or Last Rail are set to zero


  • Improvement - show the camber value that was set if previously set.
  • Added feature - Can import and apply camber from a tps file.
  • Fixed defect - Allow camber to be entered in decimal inches as well as FIS.
  • Fixed defect - In some instances, an unhandled exception could be thrown when parsing a tps file.


  • Added feature - Can configure lifter-activated rails to report for a range of rails, so the truss doesn't have to be over the rail that is wired to the lifter.
  • Added feature - Added span, worker quantity, parts per truss to reporting data.
  • Added feature - added the number of workers per station for reporting purposes.
  • Fixed defect - desired and actual position did not appear in mm when set to metric.
  • Improvement - (Servo Planx only) Improved reliability of microcode download.
  • Improvement - Changed camber calculation from linear to parabolic.
  • Fixed defect - Fixed defect - if the truss was flipped left-right or top-bottom, when a datum was moved to the target, it would flip back.
  • Fixed defect - (Servo Planx only) The cycling between home and a position did not work.
  • Fixed defect - ranges were incorrect when in metric for the puck diameter.
  • Fixed defect - parsing error on jetset file was throwing unhandled exception in some cases.
  • Added feature - auto-z-pulse for scr drives.
  • Improvement - (Servo Planx only) Added additional servo error codes.
  • Improvement - Changed tooltip text for plates to show description from tps file.
  • Fixed defect - Save station number as the closest physical station, not the logical station. This fixes the problem where a Virtek laser loads a truss into another station number.


  • Fixed defect - (Servo Planx only) after a microcode download failure, the error maximum number of failed communications error would prevent the download to be repeated.
  • Added feature - (Servo Planx only) If the home sensor sticks, an error will be displayed and the puck will not jam on the opposite side of the table.
  • Improvement - (Servo Planx only) Limit the time between cycles to be no less than 60 seconds.
  • Fixed defect - (Servo Planx only) if a rail is moving, homing, or halting and can not communicate, it would remain in that state.
  • Fixed defect - (Servo Planx only) the display would not always display the id and would require multiple power-on cycles before all rails would communicate.


  • Added feature - can move the left heel, right heel, or peak to the target from a context menu.
  • Added feature - Added label to each station to allow it to be given a more descriptive name.
  • Added feature - Display plate size with a tool-tip.
  • Added feature - The setting of show targets, show dimensions, and show breakpoints is saved when shutting down and re-starting.
  • Added feature - Added auto-zpulse for servo planx. No z-pulse adjustment is required any more.
  • Added feature - Will draw plates as Red when they are over a lifter or walkthru.
  • Added feature - Added Auto-Locate, which will select the best x-location within a local area for the truss to be set to avoid lifters and walk-thrus.
  • Improvement - filelist and job/truss list will always display the active truss.
  • Improvement - Changed AmpError to NoHighVoltage.
  • Fixed defect - on Railz and Jetset, the rail constants for the rail alignment were not appearing and could not be set.
  • Fixed defect - if autoflip L/R or T/B or a combination of those was chosen, the truss did not drop in to the correct location on the table based on the datums.
  • Fixed defect - set the maximum number of serial port attempts to 20 for servo planx. This will prevent the system from locking up when the comm port doesn't work.
  • Fixed defect - scan of rails would lock up if all rails are disabled.
  • Fixed defect - allow a file to be re-imported if it already exists.
  • Fixed defect - if the geometry of the truss could not be determined, it would throw an unhandled exception and draw a red x on the screen.
  • Fixed defect - Improved parsing of a tps file for parts with long edges that aren't parallel..


  • Added feature - remote stacking from the office. Can view the trusses being built on the table as well as preload the order/quantity/location of the trusses to be built for non-Virtek systems.
  • Added feature - can edit directly the rotation of the truss.
  • Added feature - added station-based events for generic remote connection.
  • Improvement - will parse scientific notation numbers in a tps file.
  • Fixed defect - some tps files could not be parsed properly and would cause an unhandled exception.
  • Improvement - added check that no rails selected for calibration are being used in a station that is not empty.
  • Improvement - updated message prior to calibration move to verify that no obstructions exist.
  • Fixed defect (ServoPlanx only) - default reponse is no response and an invalid response shows an error.
  • Improvement (ServoPlanx only) - set default servo constants
  • Fixed defect - Calibration/Home Position data was not being loaded correctly in metric
  • Improvement - changed loading of trusses to be file-based. It will no longer move the truss files from the directory that they are created in. This allows more truses to be kept in the list without causing the initial program startup to be slowed down.
  • Added feature - added stacking to preload the list of trusses to be built.
  • Fixed defect - fixed defect in cambering of components as read from tps file.
  • Added feature - added LifterActivated option to Tools/Options/General to allow the lifters to report when a truss is built.
  • Added feature - baseline jigging. Allows all of the pucks to be used on the top chords with fixed manual pucks on the baseline.
  • Added feature - added additional datum choices for the default location for the truss to be loaded - left heel, right heel, peak.
  • Added feature - will allow manual pucks to be drawn on the table.
  • Added feature - can choose to autoflip the truss Left/Right, Top/Bottom, or both.
  • Improvement - changed tool-tip text when hovering over a puck to show the distance to the target, instead of the x,y distances to the target.
  • Improvement - simplified installer.
  • Update - support for Virtek Trussline version 5.0.
  • Fixed defect - with Planx, and optimization turned off, it would not place the bottom puck on the upper side of the truss if the lower side was out of range.
  • Fixed defect - if multiple lifters are on a truss, the history database record gets saved multiple times.
  • Fixed defect - if the serial port couldn't open, the rails wouldn't be created and an unhandled exception would occur.
  • Fixed defect - if the rails were homing and one went to NotHomed, the RailGroup would not changed from the Homing state.
  • Fixed defect - in rare cases, an invalid calculation of the profile of the truss could prevent the pucks from being positioned properly
  • Fixed defect - when integrated with Trussline 4.0, in specific cases Set Pucks could be set to the home position.
  • Added feature - the splash screens have been set to images of the product.