Tips from Tech Support
Moving a Vertical at a Pitch Break
- By Sean Boyer -

When it is desired that a vertical at a pitch break be moved, the “Change Chord Cuts” tool is the best tool to accomplish this task. For instance, to move the vertical in the example below to the left so it is under the sloping chord, open the “Change Chord Cuts” tool  and select the joint so it appears in the blow up window.



Then in the blow up window, left click the vertical and the vertical will move to the other side of the pitch break.


The same ability to move a vertical will work on bottom chord pitch breaks as well. If the vertical does not move, use the pull down menu to change the cut type. In the above example change from “Plumb” to “Miter” and then back to “Plumb”.  This will usually allow the vertical to move. The member to be moved to the other side of the pitch break must be a vertical. If the vertical involves multiple webs the other webs will be moved and re-cut.




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