Support for MiTek™ and Koskovich™ Equipment Remains in Rochester
MiTek's Machinery Division is committed to offering the best level of customer service in the industry --for all of our equipment. That's why when we decided to move out of the building The Koskovich Company had previously occupied, we knew we had to remain in the Rochester, Minnesota area. The experience and knowledge our technicians have there could not be replaced.
When needing assistance with your Koskovich equipment, you can continue to call the same phone number, use the same e-mail addresses, and get the same support.
Contact Information for Koskovoch Equipment Support

507-286-9209 (Rochester, MN area)

888-261-0519 (Toll-Free)

Choose from the following options on a touch-tone phone:
  1. MiTek equipment support
  2. Parts operator (all equipment)
  3. Wall Panel equipment support
  4. Koskovich equipment support
301 Fountain Lakes Industrial Drive
St. Charles, MO 63301 
(314) 298-8088
(800) 523-3380

 This page last modified on 3/1/2010