“This was an impressive presentation and worth the trip and time.”
            Clay Lott – Lott Builders Supply

 “This was a very worthwhile conference!”

 “Very good presentation and the software looks to be more mature.”
            Jim Baker – Builders FirstSource
 “I am wondering why I do not have this.”
            Erica Baucom – The Building Center

 “Have more of this kind of meetings yearly and give Component Manufacturers more tools to help their customers stay up-to-date with industry.”

 “Thanks for letting us get a look at what is coming up.”
            Matt Cannon – Chopp & Company
 “Plant Managers should be optimistic about the future.”
            Dave Robinson – Republic Trusswerks
 “Thank you – This was very helpful in keeping up with the times.”
            Bill Neeb – Teton Truss


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