Is Traveling Around The World


The earth must be spinning a little faster these days because the Matchpoint PLANX™ has already made it around the world. Our PLANX customers agree: setups are faster, trusses are stacking up at the stackers faster, and financial goals are realized mroe quickly.
Why Now?

We’ve been talking for months about the rise in production our U.S. customers have seen when using PLANX, especially when used in conjunction with a Virtek® laser projection system. So, why are our international customers all of a sudden jumping on board? There are several reasons:


·         With the economy showing signs of improvement, now is the last chance to implement a change before business picks back up. When things get busy, truss plants will need to make a tough decision, “Do we invest in more people or more productive equipment?” Making that decision ahead of time will eliminate growing pains, missed due dates, and wasted money.


·         PLANX is now CE certified, opening the door to Europe.


·         In Australia, the exchange rate makes it affordable to buy in the U.S. right now. There are already 4 in Australia and a heavy push is currently underway within the building components industry.  The Timbertrader News (No. 282, Dec. 2009), an Australian publication for the building components industry, just published a large article highlighting the  benefits of the MatchPoint PLANX and why Australian truss plants should install it now.


·         As one or two plants in a given area or country make the decision to go automated, other plants will soon follow. It is a proven fact that a plant without PLANX and Virtek cannot compete with a plant that has this advanced equipment. Europe is currently starting up its first PLANX system right now.


·         MiTek is continuing to add CE-certified equipment to its line-up. The newest addition is the Auto Roll™ finish press that can be used in conjunction with the MatchPoint system.



Increased production is the most obvious benefit. A typical MatchPoint system* uses the same floor space and same number of personnel as a typical system in Australia, but the MatchPoint produces much more—as much as 7,000 board-ft. more per shift. And it does so with more accuracy and less human decision-making than other systems.


Look at the Worksheets to determine exactly how much your production could increase and your costs decrease with the help of MatchPoint PLANX™. (Download the charts)




* MatchPoint system example includes a RoofTracker™ roller press and STT™ tables equipped with PLANX and Virtek lasers.


 This page last modified on 4/26/2010