Reviewing Your Plant’s Picture


There is no question every component manufacturer is reviewing every aspect of his business these days.  In the good times this may have occurred just once a year - in today’s market it may very well be taking place daily. 


While it is difficult to find new improvements that have major positive impact without spending major money, current plant and process reviews are looking for a quantity of minor improvements – as many as possible because in the end they can add up to major savings.


So for many CM’s major investments or new equipment are out of the question for right now, most would say.  But some astute CM’s are finding a low-cost equipment investment is precisely what they need today.  With an inexperienced or part-time labor pool and projects where no two trusses are alike, Virtek’s Trussview™ data projection system provides truss assembly crews information that allows them to build faster and more accurately than ever before. 


What Trussview does is project a “big picture” of all the information needed to build a truss job on a 10 X 7.5 ft. screen mounted overhead of the assembly table.  It eliminates referring to job paperwork, let’s everyone on the assembly team view the same data at the same time. It installs in a weekend and crews can be trained in an hour.  The results are immediate.


Stacey Hucks of Universal Forest Products in Conway South Carolina says:  “Setups are faster and training is easier in large part because assemblers can “see” the truss and all assembly information on the big screen, rather than rely on something printed on a piece of paper.  Assemblers can focus on quality and safety, rather than try to see and remember what was on the paperwork. The productivity improvement we’ve experienced with Trussview is significant and has enhanced our ability to meet our customers’ needs for quick turnaround”.


Scott Sellars at Pacific Truss in Cobble Hill, British Columbia has been running Trussview on four Jigs for several months.  “The staff and managers all agree that we have increased productivity and we have found the quality to have been improved by an even greater percentage”.  This system works efficiently with our MatchPoint™ PLANX™ system and has significantly decreased our setup time, thus saving time and money.”


The Virtek Trussview system is available for use with Virtek Trussline™ laser projection system as well as MatchPoint PLANX automated jigging system.  Contact MiTek for further information.

 This page last modified on 4/28/2010