Version 27's Sheathing Estimator
- by Jeff Emmett -
Many of our customers in today’s market are looking to provide more than just trusses.  Version 27 adds a much requested new tool to estimate sheathing quantity and price.  This works for roof, floor and ceiling sheathing.  To access this new feature, select “Estimate Sheathing” from the tools menu in layout.


The top half of the tool allows the user to input material type, size and price per sheet.  This information will be saved for the current job.  Selecting the “Save as Default” button at the bottom of the tool will save the pricing information so that future jobs may also use it.  

The lower half of the tool provides sheathing estimate.  Note that this estimate is based off of the actual square footage of planes for that category.  In order to get sheathing estimated under the valleys, planes must be cut under the valleys, and ceiling sheathing is only calculated where there are actual ceiling planes. 

A sheathing material list is also available on the EWP schedule.  Simply place an EWP schedule on the layout, right click on it, and check which types of sheathing you want included.  That material will be added to the list.


- Employee Spotlight - Tuna Yildirim 

Born and raised in Turkey, Oguz Tuna Yildirim graduated from Laurel High School, PA as an AFS(American Field Service) scholarship student. He received his Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Mechanical Engineering from METU, Ankara. Later, while attending the Phd program  in University of Miami, Tuna started to do research on numerical analysis and computer simulation of two-phase flows. In 1987, he quit this program after being offered a position at ACES Inc. to write a wall panel program. Tuna joined MiTek during MiTek's acquisition of this ACES, Inc. in 1991, and started the MiTek MBA program. Tuna left the Wood Truss Industry for couple years, but returned in 2003 when he joined Robbins Enginering Inc. and developed the OnLine Plus WallStar program.


Tuna and his wife, Lissett , have two sons  Kenan and Steven. He continues to do  volunteer work for American Field Service.  

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