3D Tape Measuring Tool

In SAPPHIREâ„¢ Structure, the 3D Tape Measure tool provides the designer or reviewer a quick method to take a series of measurements or just one measurement of any object in any view. As an example, the designer could verify the distance to a plumbing drop or simply check a header height or width.

The 3D Measuring tool uses End Point object snapping. End Point snapping selects the closest object snap point along the entity and displays a square symbol centered on the End Point to be snapped to. This provides the designer with a visual indication of where the object will snap to when the left mouse button is clicked.

To exit the Tape Measure tool, select the ESC key or toggle off the icon on the Dimension toolbar.

To Use Tape Measure in 3D, the following steps are completed:

1. Select the Tape Measure icon from the Dimension toolbar.


2. Once toggled on, the status bar prompts to left click in the model to set the measuring start point.

3. A square symbol represents the end point to be used as the starting point for the measurement.  Left click to select the point.


4. A red X appears upon selection of the point to designate the starting point.


5. Upon moving to the end point to complete the measurement, the square symbol will again appear showing the selection end point. Simply move the pointer to where the measurement is desired.  The dimensions will then appear when mouse is no longer moved.


6. Left click the mouse button to select a new starting point and complete the next desired measurement.

7. Press the ESC key or select the Tape Measure icon in the Dimension toolbar to toggle off the tool.


 This page last modified on 6/24/2010