Hatch Pattern Loading

Hatch Pattern Files (.PAT) can be loaded into SAPPHIRE Structure and then placed as hatching patterns.

To Load Patterns, complete the following:

1. Go to Setup>Libraries, then Hatching and then Hatching Patterns. Select on the Load Patterns button.


2. Path out to the folder or location of the PAT files to be imported.  Select the PAT file and press Open. The PAT files can only be imported one at a time.

3. The newly loaded hatch patterns will now appear in the Hatch Pattern list. These new hatch patterns will appear at the bottom of the list.

4. To change the order of the hatch patterns (move up or down), select the hatch pattern to move and drag up or down the list.

5. Here, the hatch pattern ROOF-1 is moved to the second location on the hatch list.


 6. The imported or loaded hatch patterns are now available to be used with the hatching tool.



 This page last modified on 6/15/2010