Simplified Decking - Floor Containers

SAPPHIREâ„¢ Structure provides a simplified method of optimizing decking layouts for floor systems and displays the layout and visibility of decking on floor containers and the number of sheets. Designers have the ability to specify a layout start point and modify the starting point. This point indicates the origination for the sheathing within the floor container. All sheathing/decking sheets will emanate from that orientation point

The decking area is controlled by the floor container and the floor decking objects in plan view use and display actual material sizes. When the floor container is closed, the decking layout is automatically generated for floor containers.

There are two settings in the Floor Container General Property Grid that control floor decking placement: Decking Orientation and Decking Row Offset.

The Decking Orientation settings can be set to perpendicular (the default setting) or parallel.

The Decking Row Offset setting controls the distance to offset the start of successive row when decking is placed.

Once the floor container is placed, the sheathing is displayed in Plan View by selecting the visibility switch for Floor Material.

Visibility Switches

SAPPHIRE Structure uses the current visibility switches to control the visibility of the floor decking and labels for the floor decking.


Located under Objects>Floor Framing>Floor Material, the default setting is OFF for this visibility switch.

When Floor Material is selected and turned ON (), the floor decking objects in Plan View are displayed using the actual material size.

SAPPHIRE Structure provides visibility switch for floor material labels beneath Labels>Floor Framing named Floor Material.


In 3D view, the Visibility Switch is located under Objects>Floor Framing>Floor Material; the default setting is OFF for this visibility switch.



SAPPHIRE Structure attempts to place the label at the center of each piece of decking for floors.

Sheets are labeled beginning at the first sheet created within the perimeter of the floor container, closest to the Layout Start Point. Sheets are labeled within an entire row, move to the row above, label those sheets, beginning with the left-most sheet in that row, moving right, until all sheets are labeled.

After the first floor container's decking has been completely labeled, SAPPHIRE Structure selects the next floor container to label decking from screen right to screen left, and move from screen bottom to screen top.

Consolidate Labels

1. Select the Labeling icon from the main toolbar.

2. Select the Consolidate icon to consolidate the floor decking labels.


3. Floor decking labels are consolidated; all floor sheathing sheets have a label of F1.


Layout Materials List

SAPPHIRE Structure reports floor decking in the Accessories section of Layout Materials List. Plot ID's and Length are ignored. SAPPHIRE Structure reports the number of full sheets and consolidates partial sheets into full sheets.
To Create  A Layout Material List, complete the following:

1. Select the Text and Annotation icon from the main toolbar.

2. Select the Create Material List icon.

3. Place the Accessories layout material list.

Waste Factor Setting

SAPPHIRE Structure respects the Waste Factor Inclusion settings for floor decking at Job Properties/Job Settings/Output/Material Length Rounding.


Output>Material List

SAPPHIRE Structure reports floor decking on Output: Materials List. Select Output, the Print My Reports.

The Material List Report is then generated. Floor decking is placed under Accessories and displayed as shown below.


The designer is able to modify the orientation start point, indicating the origination for the sheathing within that floor container. All sheathing panels will then emanate from that orientation point.

To adjust or modify the floor decking point, complete the following steps:

1. From the Floor Container toolbar, select the Adjust Floor Decking Layout tool


2. The current Layout Start Point is displayed for the first selected floor container in the selection set when Adjust Floor Decking Layout tool is triggered. The existing Layout Start Point is displayed in plan view with a red "X".

3. The status bar prompts to select the new Layout Start point.


4. Select the new Layout Start Point.

5. Floor decking placement is modified according to the new Layout Start Point. With a new Layout Start Line, a new Layout Start Point is generated based on the rules of system-generated floor decking.


 This page last modified on 9/22/2010