MBA - Return To The
Search Results Screen

MiTek MBA™ has a feature that is not well-known, but is very useful - the Return to the Search Results Screen feature. This feature allows you to return to the last search result that returned multiple projects so you can quickly browse though a number of jobs.

Imagine you are searching for a job and you know you added a job note for LVLs, but the only other thing you remember about the job is that the owner’s first name was John. You can simply jump over to the Create/Search a Project tab,type “*John” in the Job Name field, and click ENTER. (You could also use the Binoculars for this).


The asterisk at the beginning of the search request returns you a list of all the projects that have “john” somewhere in the job name.

You can further refine the search so you can see the Job Notes on the Jobsite Info tab. Simply close the search results screen, switch to the Jobsite Info tab, then click the RETURN TO THE SEARCH RESULTS SCREEN icon.

 Move the search results screen to the side of the Jobsite Info tab so you can see the Jobsite Info screen. As you arrow or click down through the list of jobs in the search results, you can see the job information in the Jobsite Info screen update. Looking through the jobs this way lets you quickly find the job you were looking for.

This feature can be used with any of the tabs in the Create/Edit a Project screen.

 This page last modified on 9/22/2010