The MiTek® Light Bar

Are you considering getting into manufacturing wall panels but would like to avoid expensive automated equipment?

Do you currently make wall panels but have several people marking top and bottom plates when they should be making panels?

MiTek has a solution for both of these situations – the MiTek® Light Bar.  MiTek introduced the Light Bar 5 years ago at a very different time and place for the housing industry.  Now, as everyone is retrenching and right sizing, this is the perfect time to take advantage of one of the most cost effective assets in any wall panel manufacturing system to expand or improve your wall panel manufacturing abilities.

The MiTek Light Bar indicates the starting point for the wall, and the location of subcomponents, corners, and specials, eliminating marking errors and decreasing layout time in your wall panel plant.  All of the layout information is projected for the operators to use, speeding up assembly time and improving the flow of panels through your plant.

This labor-saving tool is driven by MiTek’s powerful ShopNet™ software.  It can be used with MiTek and Panels Plus machinery, and our competitors’ equipment as well.  You can even use it with a manual setup with wood tables if you need to, one of the most cost-effective solutions.

The following features are available:

·         Setup multiple panels on the same table at the same time

·         Completely enclosed housing prevents dust and dirt from getting into the electronics

·         Versatile – use anywhere in your panel plant with any wall panel equipment

·         Available in multiple lengths: 16’, 20’, 24’, 32’, or custom up to 50’

·         Flashing lights to indicate seams for critical placement, to help with one of the biggest issues with exterior walls

·         Built-in standalone test verification on each module, to verify operation of all lights in the light bar

·         Brightest LEDs of those available on the market


For a limited time, MiTek is offering a 10% discount on the MiTek Light Bar system.  Contact your MiTek sales representative or Greg Pritchett, MiTek Machinery Sales Service Manager at

 This page last modified on 6/24/2010