SPIB Important Notice
Dated July 28, 2010

On July 28th, the Southern Pine Inspection Bureau (“SPIB”) published an “Important Notice” on its website (http://www.spib.org/), advising of doubts raised by others as to the continued validity of certain published design values for visually graded southern pine lumber.  The SPIB Notice also noted that the doubts applied to other species of visually graded lumber.

MiTek, like other engineers, does not independently test lumber, but uses these published values in the designs and software products we provide to our customers.  We have noted that the SPIB has not stated that there is anything wrong with these values, but merely alerted users that the values have been questioned by credible concerns and that it is investigating the challenges received.  Based upon this noted fact and the long-standing safe use of such values, therefore, we see no reason to discontinue the use of these challenged visually graded lumber values at this time.  Instead, we will monitor the situation as closely as we can and advise you of significant developments reported.

Upon request, we would be happy to suggest simple methods by which Customers wishing to do so may provide themselves with added security while still using visually graded lumber, although we do not think that doing so is necessary and we cannot guarantee the sufficiency of any method adopted.


Stephen W. Cabler, P.E.

Sr. V.P. Engineering and Technical Services

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