Now More than Ever… Your Success is Our Success!

By: Gene Toombs IV, Sr. VP of Operations
In the worlds of Stamping and Machinery operations, we live by this every day!  There are many, many dedicated people behind the scenes in our plants and operations that continue to provide top-notch service and products day after day.  I’m often pleasantly thrilled at the extensive experience, know-how, and dedication that our people bring to the industry every day.  It’s easy to get down in this market and this economy, but our team doesn’t let that happen, as we continue to bring the best team in the industry to the field to help support you – our customers and partners.

I’m excited about this year’s BCMC in Charlotte, as I missed the last one there in 2004.  My kids (twins, now 6) were scheduled to come home from the hospital at the time of the show, so I had to miss my first show since I’ve started going to them.  I certainly missed going, but I know I did the right thing!

We’ve got a lot of educational sessions lined up for this year and some new offerings in Machinery as well:

·         Do you make piggy back trusses in your truss production?  Have you ever considered Hinge Plates?  We’ve got some great material to show the ROI and future direction of Hinge Plate technology.

·         We’ll be talking about Planx and Virtek TrussLine systems, as we’ve reached the milestone of 70 systems installed around the world!

·         The Machinery Assurance Program (MAP) for Used Equipment is the best insurance plan to get the most of that used MiTek machine you may have bought in the last few years.
·         Don’t cut corners on Maintenance!  We’ll talk about why it’s important to continue maintaining your machinery as a long term investment in your business.

·         On hand, we will have Planx automated jigging and Virtek TrussLine projection system over our new Matchpoint gantry tables, as well as a Light Bar with ShopNet for easy wall panel production.

Some other things to consider about MiTek and our products and offerings:

·         Did you know that we offer T-plates and Bevel plates?  Both are used in floor truss production, to improve the values of bearing loads.  We also offer Light Nail-on Plates, Seat Plates, and Pallet Plates, among a number of other specialty products.  Ask your MiTek Sales Manager if you are interested in learning more about these products.
·         How important is the number 6 in ordering plates?  If there’s one thing to remember from this article, remember that all of our pallets of boxes are packaged in layers of 6, no matter the size of the box.  So, when you are ordering, consider ordering in quantities of 6.  This will allow for efficient packaging in the factory and better conditions for shipping, as all of the boxes will be the same size on that layer.  It will also allow your receiving team to know that everything on that layer is the same size, and they won’t have to go hunting through the pallets for a particular box or two.  So, remember, use the quantity 6 when ordering anything less than a full pallet.

·         Have you gone through your plate rationalization yet?  As I wrote about in ‘Too Many Plates’ in Summer 2009 Truss Facts and reprinted in CMR in October 2009, the number of different part numbers and plate sizes your choose to engineer, order, stock, and use directly affects your business’s operating efficiencies and long-term profitability.  MiTek has gone through the same process ourselves in 2010 and we eliminated over 200 parts that had very limited or no sales.  What does this mean for you?  We can focus on the products that we need to make every day and ensure that we can deliver your plates as quick as possible.

The component manufacturing industry has gone through a lot of changes and upheaval over the last 5 years.  Despite all that, remember that the operations team at MiTek (Stamping and Machinery) continues to be committed to the mantra:  Now More than Ever… Your Success is Our Success!

 This page last modified on 9/21/2010