Section View 
Overview and General Usage

Section View in SAPPHIRE™ Structure easily allows the designer to create a “slice” through the model. Creating this type of view shows critical member elevation relationships inside the model (for example floor steps, ceiling breaks, etc.) as well as quickly define standard wall elements. Once the cut is added to the model, the elements displayed in the Section View remain dynamic to what is modeled. The locations of “slices” through the model are defined in the Plan View window. Once defined, a Section Cut can be viewed in a separate window, saved as a bookmark and added to a layout sheet for final presentation.

Defining a Section Cut is quick, easy and flexible. With a few clicks, a 3D display of the interior elements of the model can be viewed, isolated for editing or printing. If the initial cut location is not quite perfect, simply edit the location / shape of the cut and the Section View will instantly be updated. No longer does a plan reader need to try and visualize what the plan view drawings are communicating. The Section View tool can be used to highlight elements in the model that require special consideration. Finally, Section Views can be viewed in SAPPHIRE™ Viewer to further facilitate collaboration between business partners.

 This page last modified on 9/9/2010