Technology Built For
Today's Component Manufacturers

BCMC is always an exciting time.  For us it is a chance to reconnect with customers we have not seen for a while and an opportunity to show them what we have been working on at MiTek to help improve their business processes. It gives us a chance to show how MiTek is developing technology that is built for today’s component manufacturers.

This year we are very excited about the latest release of the SAPPHIRE™ Suite. In this release of SAPPHIRE™ Structure, your designers will see new visibility options. 3D section views can be placed within the model for builders and framers to view.  Together with your customers you can then review the custom sections and even view dimensions of their choice.

Later this month SAPPHIRE™ Viewer will feature new ‘markup’ capability, giving your builders, architects and engineers the option to review and comment on details of the shared 3D model. With this new collaboration tool the SAPPHIRE suite will add electronic efficiency to the up-front design process, improving accuracy and efficiency through production, supply and construction process.

An additional new release this month, the SAPPHIRE™ Portal, will give you the ability to offer file sharing, management, tracking and efficient new project collaboration with your customers through the design process. This web-based application will extend improved accuracy and efficiency to the entire design, review and approval process. In turn, your home builders can benefit from better material accuracy, cost control, and project cycle time.

New this year, BCMC is launching an exciting in booth educational sessions program.  These sessions will provide an opportunity for the exchange of ideas that will help improve the productivity of your business. Not only can you exchange ideas to help improve your business processes, you can also register to win a large screen television when signing up for a MiTek educational session.  To see the complete schedule of sessions we will be offering in our booth, and to pre-register for a session visit


Also on display in our booth will be the MatchPoint™ PLANX automated jigging system and PLANX Ready Tables. Studies have shown that you can improve your accuracy and productivity by over 50% with the same crew, same space and same size table system when using the PLANX system. When you add in Virtek’s TrussLine® laser projection system throughput has seen increases of up to 25% and set up times have been reduced by 75%. Our PLANX retrofit program makes it possible to retrofit your existing tables with the PLANX system.  PLANX Ready Tables with bolt on table top segments allows for installing PLANX Automated Jigging at nearly any interval.  Add more PLANX in the future or change locations at any time.


If you have recently purchase used equipment you know that proper calibration and installation is the key to achieving maximum productivity.  MiTek’s experienced technicians are your best resource for proper installation and performance of MiTek equipment. Our Machinery Assurance Program™ can connect you with MiTek technicians, factory replacement parts and performance calibration.


From software to production equipment we are committed to helping you succeed by offering affordable solutions to boost your production efficiencies.  Because now more than ever your success is our success.







 This page last modified on 9/21/2010