MiTek Releases Latest Version
Of SAPPHIRE™ Structure


CHESTERFIELD, MO. – MiTek Industries Inc. has released its latest version of SAPPHIRE™ Structure, Version 7.2.5, which includes significant new functionality for the residential component manufacturing industry. This latest version includes rich functionality for designers, new capability for modeling and design of engineered wood products, and enhanced tools for supply chain collaboration.


“Our customers’ reviews since the initial roll-out of SAPPHIRE™ Structure in April have been extremely positive; and demand for the software continues to be steady and strong,” said Gregg Renner, vice president of marketing for MiTek. “This version of Structure represents another major new step forward and again illustrates our commitment to help make our customers’ processes more effective. We continue to encourage component manufacturers who haven’t seen our new software to explore how it can truly benefit their customers and their business.”


With the release of 7.2.5 Structure, designers will gain new efficiency and visibility options. 3-D section views are as simple to place as they are rich in information. Adding a 3-D section within the model shows builders and framers exactly how to frame complex situations with a simple illustration that can be seen in SAPPHIRE™ Viewer and on printed output. The amount of information illustrated is limited only by designer creativity. As a key feature, SAPPHIRE™ Structure 3-D section views are LIVE – they automatically adjust as the model changes. With further enhancements to existing Multi-Family functionality, designers will now find improvements in speed and usability. Lastly, new floor design functionality allows designers to easily frame individual floor zones with the advanced ‘auto-framing’ process and to add modifications like a bay window with a single click.


New for this release also will be the ability for component manufacturers to fully model engineered wood products (EWP) and accessories and to begin to connect SAPPHIRE™ Structure to compatible EWP design engines. This connection will allow information to be exported directly from the model for sizing of engineered wood members. As compatible design engines are made available by EWP manufacturers, designers will be able to utilize design loads within the model, and portray a single 3-D model with fully connected and designed framing members – adding a new level of accuracy and efficiency for whole-house design. BC Calc®, the design engine from Boise Engineered Wood, is the first compatible design engine to be made available this month. Additional engines will be made available from participating companies and announced as they are released for commercial use.


The latest release of SAPPHIRE™ Viewer, an application for viewing 3-D models generated in SAPPHIRE™ Structure, will now feature new ‘markup’ capability, giving builders, architects and engineers the option to review and comment on details of the shared 3-D model. With this new collaboration tool for the supply chain, the SAPPHIRE™ suite adds electronic efficiency to the up-front home design, improving accuracy and efficiency through the production, supply and construction process.


An additional new release later this month, SAPPHIRE™ Portal, will give component manufacturers the ability to offer file sharing, management, tracking and efficient new project collaboration to their customers throughout the design process. A significant leap beyond internal process efficiency, this web-based application will extend improved accuracy and efficiency to the entire design, review and approval process. In turn, home builders can benefit from better material accuracy, cost control and project cycle time.


MiTek will preview these and additional new functionalities of the SAPPHIRE™ Suite at the 2010 Building Component Manufacturers Conference in Charlotte, N.C., Sept. 29 through Oct. 1, 2010. At the conference MiTek also will feature a series of educational sessions, presenting detailed demonstrations of newly released functionality.


MiTek Inc., a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (NYSE:BRK.A), is the world’s leading supplier of products and services to the building components industry. With operations on five continents, MiTek companies develop and sell products and services in the residential, commercial, industrial and institutional construction markets. Visit for more information on MiTek or to learn about Berkshire Hathaway.



Editor’s Note:    MiTek is headquartered at 14515 North Outer Forty, Suite 300, Chesterfield, MO 63017.


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