Version 28's Enhanced Piggyback Tool
- by Jeff Emmett -

For many years, the Online Plus layout program has had one of the best piggyback tools in the industry.  However, it did have the annoying limitation that once a piggyback was added, it was very difficult to remove or change.  Recently released Online Plus version 28 corrects that by enhancing the piggyback tool so that users may quickly and easily change or remove piggybacks with a few simple clicks.

Changing a Piggyback

Users may change any piggyback property of an existing piggyback truss, such as height, butt cut, and baseline height, by opening the piggyback tool and making the desired changes.  Then, users select the trusses to be changed by rubber banding them.  Note that this rubber band selection is done using the right mouse button rather than the left (hold the right mouse button down and drag across the desired trusses).  Selection with the right mouse button is the software’s trigger that you want to change the piggyback rather than apply another one.  Also, note that you must select the base truss, rather than the piggyback truss.

Removing a Piggyback

Users may also remove piggy backs, causing the truss to revert to its original, one piece, full truss status.  To remove piggy backs, open the piggy back tool and select the “Remove Piggyback” button, then draw a rubber band line across the trusses to change. 

Piggyback Properties

Users may also right click on a piggyback truss and select the new “Piggyback Properties” option.  This will present the user with the piggyback settings for that truss.  Users may adjust these settings, but note that changes here will only affect the selected truss.  To change multiple trusses, refer to the “Changing a Piggyback” section above.



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