Tips from Tech Support
Using Technology to Better Serve Our Customers
- by Gary Cox -

We in Tech Support are constantly looking for better ways to serve our customers.  We use available technology to assist us in this endeavor. Three important technologies that we employ are e-mail, the internet and the WebEx service to diagnose and solve customer issues faster.

We use e-mail to have the customer send us the actual job files to look at and solve issues or help with design problems. Over the internet there are services we host that are convenient for customers. On our website, software security codes can be renewed 24/7 without waiting to speak with a Customer Service Representative (CSR). Getting software is easier by downloading them from our ftp website. This allows customers to instantly access important program updates. We also use the internet for interactive web training for the layout, engineering, and wall panel modules.

The WebEx service allows a CSR to connect to a customer’s computer directly through an internet connection.  We use this to view the actual issue as it happens. This allows the CSR to show the end user how to resolve this issue in the future, if possible. It also allows the CSR to make file or program modifications on user’s computers that they might not be familiar with. Another valuable use of WebEx is to conduct training seminars for multiple users around the country, thus eliminating the need for the CSR or the customer to travel, saving money and getting the job done quicker and more efficiently.  

Using available technology allows us to have a better response to problems and not have to rely solely on a CSR traveling to customer locations. While this cannot totally replace CSR travel, it can enhance our relationships with component manufacturers.


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