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Version 28 Adds An Option That Can Save You Money
- by Butch Yarnell -

Version 28 contains fifteen different settings that control plating of heels.  The very first one in the list, Use New Selection Order for Heel Plating,  is set to NO as the out-of-the-box default.  However, if you change it to YES you will have the opportunity to save plate costs and in some cases lumber and hence labor costs as well.  When we hear one of our customers say, “I lost a job by $12.00,” then this setting may be critical to getting a job that otherwise may have been lost.


With the "Use New Selection Order for Heel Plating" setting set to NO, the only heel plate orientation looked at is parallel with the bottom chord.  Some users want this consistency in their shop and use the control of Plate Monitor anytime the heel cannot be plated with the parallel orientation.  In release versions prior to Version 28, users could set this setting to YES and the program would go through the selection order of parallel with the bottom chord, parallel with the top chord, at the angle bisector, and finally rotated ninety degrees. However, it would stop cycling as soon as it found a plate that worked.



The new functionality in version 28 originally came from our last Users Symposium. The Users liked this setting but thought that it should go through the selection order completely and then pick the smallest plate which is the current solution for this setting.


Below the settings graphic you will find examples of the selection order. Please notice example number four. When we tested this feature, we found that it worked as expected giving the smallest plate but we found an additional benefit as well. In this example, because of the plate being rotated ninety degrees there is no longer a need for a plate block the other selections required.


Setting this feature to YES will save money in plates by picking the smallest one and materials and labor by potentially eliminating plate blocks. If you have any questions, please call Gary at OLP Tech Support.

1) Parallel to Bottom Chord

2) Parallel to Top Chord
3) The Angle Bisector
4) Rotated 90 degrees

- Employee Spotlight - 
Bart Ross

Bart is a native Floridian born in West Palm Beach and has lived in Florida the majority of his life.


Pursuing a career change after 15 years in retail, Bart moved from Naples, FL to Tampa to learn Computer Aided Drafting at Tampa Technical Institute. He began working at Robbins Engineering, Inc on September 5, 1989 as a draftsman and began his new career in the Truss industry. The rest as they say is history. Over the ensuing 21 plus years many varied and new opportunities have been presented to him and has allowed him to progress from drafting to truss design and repair, office and database management, information technology and being involved in the initial stages of development of Robbins electronic engineering program. Now being able to continue that journey as an employee of MiTek Industries can be attributed to the knowledge and mentoring received from key people involved in Robbins Engineering, Inc. namely Dorothy Lynch, Dionel Cotanda, Les Heard, Mike Magid and Tom Albani.


Bart and his wife of 15 years Jan, who made the move with him to Tampa in 1989, live in Valrico with their 2 cats, Sam and Bob.  Bart enjoys football, NASCAR, reading, and riding his bike.



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