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MiTek Structural Fixings On-site Guide For Building Code Compliance 2012 Edition
MiTek Structural Fixings On-site Guide 2012
We have pleasure in offering the 2012 edition of the MiTek Structural Fixings On-site Guide for Building Code Compliance.
The guide contains easy on-site installation details for fixing LUMBERLOK Timber Connectors, nail plates and BOWMAC Structural Brackets within the Building Code approved documents B1 Structure and B2 Durability.
This guide is the latest in a series which offers concise technical detail for fixing timber frames and trusses generally in accordance with NZS 3604:2011 Timber-framed buildings.
For your convenience MiTek products can be located in the index which is sectioned using the numbering sequence set up in NZS 3604:2011
The guide has been written for Builders, Specifiers & Building Officials and is PDF downloadable either in single data sheet or full version format.
Download full version here. (approx. 8MB)
An A4 and A5 hardcopy is also available on request.
If you are a current holder of the ‘LUMBERLOK & BOWMAC Specifiers and Users Manual’ in the black folder, the A4 version is conveniently 3 hole punched to replace all the current loose leaf information. This is ideal for Specifiers.
Request an A4 version
The A5 version is ideal for builders and building officials for on-site use due to its smaller size.
Request an A5 version here.
Please retain the current Characteristic Loadings Data catalogues for LUMBERLOK and BOWMAC products as these are not included in the on-site guide. Separate updated versions for these are being worked on and will be distributed shortly to Specifiers.