Meet the Wood Runner™ Lumber Retrieval System

If you’re looking for low-cost automation opportunities to improve the efficiency of your plant, but you don’t want to sink a lot of money into capital improvements right now, the Wood Runner may be the best option yet. With the small runs and complicated cuts of today’s trusses, a linear saw is a must for any truss plant. The Wood Runner lumber retrieval system greatly improves the linear saw’s production capabilities by keeping the saw fed with the correct lumber. If you’re currently using an additional operator to do that, the Wood Runner will do it faster and more affordably.  It travels up to 70 inches per second…faster than anything else available.

It uses an overhead gantry to pick up and deliver the correct lumber from guided carts. Laser scanning provides material position and quantity information. A light curtain blocks entry into the loading area. The saw operator can focus on keeping the saw running, while letting the Wood Runner do the heavy lifting. It is an easy and reliable solution to material handling requirements at your linear saw.

The Wood Runner lumber retrieval system is one more option in the vast array of choices you have for incremental automation. Other MiTek options include:

Miser linear saw 

        If you don’t already have a linear saw, the Wood Runner integrates perfectly with the Miser II™ saw.

PLANX automated jigging  

        See the results one plant got from adding PLANX™ to just some of their tables.

Virtek laser projection systems 

        Reduce setup time and mistakes with a Virtek® laser projection system. 


        Truss stackers can be integrated with the finishing roller and conveyors to automate offloading the trusses.


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