Stainless Steel Connectors
Joist Hangers

0.9mm Stainless Steel 304-2B

Joist Hangers are designed for use where a strong, rigid joint is required between members meeting at 90˚, e.g. truss/joist to beam, or rafter to bearer connection.

Joist Hanger 47 x 90
Designed for use where gauged timber of 47mm width and up to 150mm deep.
Joist Hanger 47 x 120
Multi-use bracket suitable for gauged 47mm thick timber up to 200mm deep.

Joist Hanger 47 x 190
Used for gauged 47mm thick timber up to 300mm deep.
Joist Hanger 70 x 180
A special size joist hanger designed for gauged 69mm wide timbers.

Joist Hanger 95 x 165
For use on gauged 94mm wide timber or double joists/trusses.

Note: Joist Hangers 52mm wide also available for rough sawn timber.

All of the above Joist Hanger connections should be fixed using LUMBERLOK Stainless Steel Product Nails 30mm x 3.15mm diameter, or Type 17-12g x 35mm Hex Head Stainless Steel Screws.

Detailed product sheet available.